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Arrtex microcement workshops and material

Get yourself a new career !

Discover our material and it may gives you new opportunities. Arttex microcement material is available through our dealer in Bangkok Two plus soft. Two plus soft provide also workshops and training to work with our material.


For a small fee we provide you with technical and practical training. Workshops for furniture making as well wall covering. Workshops are one day inclusive lunch coffee and snacks.


Arttex Microcement sets available

Big Set  27 sqm

 Arttex plaster/ mortar 18 kg

 Color resin liquid 1.8 kg

Arttex primer A1 2 kg

Rock coat 2 K matt finish 4 kg set

Silica sand   0.1-03  4.5 kg

Total weight    30.3 kg


THB 13,500

Middle Set  13 sqm

Arttex plaster/ mortar 9 kg

Color resin liquid 0.9 kg

Arttex  primer A1 1 kg

Rock coat 2 K matt finish 2 kg set

Silica sand   0.1-03  2.25 kg

Total  weight   15.15 kg


THB 7,155

Small Set  9 sqm

 Arttex plaster/ mortar 6 kg

Color resin liquid 0.6 kg

Arttex  primer A1 0.65 kg

- Rock coat 2K matt finish 1.4 kg set

- * Silica sand   0.1-03  1.5 kg

Total weight        10.15 kg


THB 5,670

IMG_9955 (2).JPG
IMG_9950 (2).JPG

Color resins concentrated liquids 25 color moods

Our sets are supplied with the color resin we have three different sizes for each set size.


1,8 kg color resin for 27 m2 set  -   0.9 kg color resin for 13 m2  set   -    0.6 kg color resin for 9m2 set

    Price a unit 2025,00 THB              Price a unit 1275,00 THB                 Price a unit  900,00 TH


We offer our standard 25 color moods in in the 3 sizes color resins for sets.

          Buy a big set and you have the option to buy  2 or 3 color resins in different colors.

27 m2 big set with 2 x color resin 0.9 kg set price will be  14 025,00 THB

27 m2 big set with 3 x color resin 0.6 kg set price will be  14 175,00 THB.

On request we can make other colors from NCS color charts or Ral chart or Toa chart.

All we need is the color number.

The sample boards we make are 3 x 30 x 30 cm and the cost is 850 THB for 3 samples

The prices mentioned are in Thai currency and valid in Thailand only.

For more detailed information contact us at

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