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In our 7 years working experience in the home renovation sector in Thailand providing mainly for the expat community our European wall and floor systems, most of our projects where managed by Thai contractors. We did find it very hard to work with them and to achieve our European quality building and safety standards.

Our experience.

The cause off all this is lack of education and poorly trained staff they do not have tools and equipment to do the job properly all is learned from father up son. Then most off the time they work with the cheapest products and materials they can find .

Badly organized and managed  projects, they never keep their agreements and promises. Always delaying and no budget control meaning the money is already gone. Then most annoying is the time they have to finish we find that there were lots off people doing all kinds of jobs what already had to be done months before.

That s why our service

 We work with other professionals together in and around Hua Hin to provide  a quality service for home buyers who are renovating their home according European safety and building standards, with a good organized and managed team within a agreed time frame to finish the project.



For home buyers in Hua Hin and around buying an older house and in need of renovation work we offer project management inclusive budget management. In our showroom at ARROW WOOD we offer you professional advice and show you the products and systems we work with.

              Our service includes:





                 Decorative wall systems

                 Electrical installation

                 Kitchen installation


                 General maintenance

                 Engineered wooden flooring

                 Bathroom installation

                 Micro-cement seamless flooring

                 PVC windows & doors.

                 Garden design landscaping

                 Air conditioning service

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Our team

working with FESTOOL equipment

Our mission

To provide you with a service that is managed by European staff and offers you quality work and what is  checked and estimated on forehand and executed by  European foreman on site all day. We give value for your money more expensive then Thai competitors but you will see the difference in our approach we work with imported tools and equipment that have dust extraction, and use environment friendly products and try to avoid solvent based products in your home.