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Rock furniture: Widget

Arttex micro-cement furniture

 Arttex micro cement is for furniture makers an ideal product to extent there product range, it has no limits in design and size. Table tops can be custom made in a choice of 25 colors and has light weight properties due to micro cement it is applied in thin layers.

Arttex micro cement steelworks tables

Tables made with steelworks frames with micro-cement table tops, all custom made and with various finishing of the steelworks, you can have steel in bare finish with protected clear coat, or go for rust look special coatings stops the process of rust corrosion.  Steelworks frames coated with color chips so the metal is covered and protected with color chips we have a wide collection of colors to choice from.





rust steels ample  small.jpg
steel tube 45 black.jpg
yellow color chip.jpg
color chip small.jpg

Kitchen tops

Kitchen tops made with Arrtex micro cement can be made seamless with integrated sinks,  can be made in various thickness and complete waterproof we apply special hard wearing coatings on top for more scratched and heat resistant

Bathroom counters

For all applications with Arttex micro cement you need solid and sturdy undergrounds preferably undergrounds like  waterproof plywood

So the craftsmanship and quality materials are an essence of importants to create an quality  product what will last for years.

All pictures shown are covered with Arttex micro cement. For Bake Japan in Bangkok we applicated all shop counters with Arttex micro cement all according to the specifications from the designer. This whole new concept for shop fittings is prefab build at factory and installed in one night on side

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