I am happy to be jumped on


I am made of MICRO - CEMENT TECHNOLOGY from Holland, I am thin in thickness, slightly flexible and I adhesive to most surfaces and I have very nice structures in the outlook. You can lay me down in a short time of  period, after resting and placed on the protective coating in two layers applied,  I am ready for some heavy abuse without a worry.


Private house renovation project Arttex floor laid on existing tiled floor.

Color mood : Light Earth


The Penthouse Sathorn Garden

  240 m2 Arttex micro-cement  applied at level 40 of this split leve high endl condominium.

The designer choice for our floor system was to create a European minimalist look to highlight and harmonious blend in the grey and black furniture and  accessories into the  rooms.

Color mood: Spring white.

IMG_0491 (2)_edited.png

Private resort at Krabi, two identical villas all floors and bathrooms with Arttex microcement

Color mood Ral 1015 light ivory


Shop floor with Arttex floor  Amsterdam
Color mood: Ral 9002

Fred perry phuket_edited_edited.jpg

Arrtex microcement applied at entrance Fred Perry at Central Phuket on top off 15 mm thick cement topping to match the level of the engineered wooden floor.

Color specially designed to match the interior color mood.

Application done in one day.

Color mood: Fred Perry


Shop Lyn around at Central Plaza Ladprao 140 Sqm Arttex microcement

We completed this project in two days

Color custom made to match the interior color mood.

Color mood: Lyn around

Siam sight 1.jpg

Arttex floor applied at Siam Sight Lad Phrao Bangkok renovation of whole building with extensions added on to building, extensions are made of metal construction topped with viva  floorboards 120 cm by 240.  The choice for rock floor was easy made, mainly it fitted in the outlook of design and the floor thickness of 3 mm was very good to old floor level and new floors to become at same level. Total duration off project 3 days.
Color mood: Custom made on TOA chart.

Desgin two floor with legs  small.jpg

Restaurant from TEPPEN IZAKAYA premium at Lungsuan 132 sqm Arttex Microcement 

We completed this project in three days 

Color mood : Custom made Brown Red